Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, with the Task Force Rural Africa. FLTR: Michel Baudouin, Francesco Rampa, Kees Blokland, Mashiri Zvarimwa, Phil Hogan, Céline Bikpo, Tom Arnold, Christine Wieck, Chinwe Ifejika Speranza, Bruno Losch

Agriculture is the number one job creator

Booming Africa needs jobs. Agriculture is the main sector for creating jobs, especially when it comes to smallholder farmers and rural areas. The EU is glad about the recommendations of the TFRA and will focus on smallholder farmers. To start with 85 million euro.

Cotton is the biggest cash crop of Mali © Wikimedia Commons

Ready for Mali!

Mali, here I come! Thanks to an invitation of Api Mali, the Investment Promotion Agency of the Republic of Mali.

Yinca Adesola from demonstration farm in Nigeria

Farming is also marketing

Farming is not just farming. It’s also marketing. Already when selecting the crop to plant, take the market into consideration, my friend …

South-Africa, here I come

While in my home country funds are raised for feeding the millions who are starving, I am in the airplane to South-Africa. Climate change …

Nigerians are roughed and humble

‘Listen Mr. Van’, the people say to me in Nigeria. Because that’s what many people in Africa might call me: ‘Mr. Van.’ …