December 2019

10-12       Agrofood West Africa, Accra, Ghana

January 2020

24-25       International Conference on Soil, Plant and Water Science, Gondar, Ethiopia
29-31       Africa Agri Expo, Lagos, Nigeria

February 2020

18-20       West Africa Agribusiness Show, Lagos, Nigeria

March 2020

3-6           AFSTA Congress, Livingstone, Zambia
24-26       Agrofood Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria

April 2020

2-4           Agritech Expo, Chisamba, Zambia
9-11         Indigenous African Food and Beverages Expo, Matobo, Zimbabwe
14-19       Salon International de l’Agriculture au Maroc, Mekdes, Morocco 

Comments and additions on this agenda are most welcome. Please contact us.

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