July 2017

6-7      Aviana, Nairobi, Kenya 
10-12   West Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness Conference, Accra, Ghana
13-15   Agrena Middle East, Caïro, Egypt
13-15   Nigeria Agrofood, Lagos, Nigeria

Augustus 2017

15-18    African SME Expo, Lagos, Nigeria
16-17   PMA Fresh Connections: Southern Africa Conference & Trade Show, Capetown, South Africa

September 2017

3-6       Congress and Exhibition on Food Science & Technology, Capetown, South Africa
19-21   5th Annual F.O. Sugar & Ethanol Africa, Nairobi, Kenya


27-30   Sahara Expo, Caïro, Egypt

October 2017

25-26  Agribusiness Trade Show & Conference, Abuja, Nigeria

November 2017

13-15   Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture – GFIA Connect, Bela Bela, South Africa
22-24   9th Africa PPP Africa PPP Public Private Partnership, Cape Town, South Africa
Africa PPP Cape Twon 2017

29-1 dec. Agribusiness Congress East Africa, Kampala, Uganda

December 2017

3-6      International Conference on Global Food Security, Cape Town, South Africa
8-11    Addis Agrofood, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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