March 2018

21-23   New Ag Conference & Exhibition, Nairobi, Kenya

April 2018

9-12     Djazagro, salon professionnel de la production agroalimentaire, Algiers, Algeria
12-14   Agritech Expo, Chisamba, Zambia

May 2018

3-5      Agrofood & Plasticprint, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
4-6      Agro & Poultry East Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
8-10    Agritech, Tel Aviv, Israel

June 2018

24-26   Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS) , Washington DC, USA

July 2018

18-19   Agribusiness Africa Conference, Johannesburg, South-Africa

August 2018

2-4     Value Added Agriculture & Aquaculture Expo West Africa, Accra, Ghana
Value Added Agriculture Expo West-Africa

20-24    African Dairy Conference and Exhibition ESADA, Nairobi, Kenya

September 2018

20-21   Value Added Agriculture Expo East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
Value Added Agriculture East Africa

November 2018

2-4      Agro & Poultry East Africa 2018, Nairobi, Kenya
28-26  Agrotecno, International Agriculture & Machinery Trade Exhibition, Nairobi, Kenya

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