Dutch boost to Ethiopian agriculture

Voedselzekerheid in Ethiopië: de verhalen achter de getallen
Voedselzekerheid in Ethiopië: de verhalen achter de getallen
‘Hunger is already part of historie,’ the Ethiopian Minister of Agriculture told me recently. Many efforts are made through Dutch organisations and companies. A brand new digital document shows us.

30 million: small farmers in Ethiopia
50 percent of the Ethiopian households owns less than 1 hectare of land
180 millilitre is the average stomach size of an Ethiopian child
23 percent of child deaths is caused by malnutrition
27 percent of Ethiopian woman are chronically malnourished.
28 stories on the platform FoodSecurityEthiopia.nl.

This website aims to tell the stories behind the numbers. Stories about food security and economic development in Ethiopia. Stories about people. Like Tsige Allemajeh who doesn’t prepares breakfast for her two sons today, because she joins a group of woman at the local health post to learn about preparing complementary food.

Or the story about Kelemua Atlaw, a field worker  at Solagrow who will receive training from an agronomist.

ABSF, Solagrow and Cascape

There are many stories. Too many for a simple website. That’s what makes this platform a document. A document to tell about food security, but also about the Dutch programs from the Dutch ebassy and Dutch organisations, companies and programs like ABSF, Solagrow and Cascape.

Yes. It’s payed by the Dutch embassy. So there is also the story about Hans van den Heuvel, Agricultural councillor at the Netherlands Embassy in Addis Abeba.

You want one more number?
20 meetings a week, only with representatives from the horticultural sector, has Van den Heuvel.

But it’s not about the numbers. It is, as told, about the stories behind the numbers. So there is this story in which Van den Heuvel tells about his hope that people will see Ethiopia as country they can learn from.

‘Yes we can’, I would say. Thanks to this platform! And thanks to BrandOutLoud for making this smooth document.




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