Bitcoin and the Future of African Agriculture

Dankzij de Bitcoin kan de Ugandese theeproducent eenvoudig z'n product werelwijd verhandelen Mobile money transfer with m-Pesa is there to stay. Especially in East-Africa. Connect it with something as bitcoin and international trade is as easy as can be.

Especially for agriculture in Africa.

When Kenya gave the world M-Pesa, few foresaw the revolution that it would spark in the African and indeed the global financial sector. Today, it is impossible to do business in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and other African countries without employing some form of mobile payment. It is almost sometimes hard to remember what life was like before the advent of mobile money.

The same concept that has had such a successful run in some African countries, is now there in the form of the world’s first digital currency, Bitcoin.

A tea producer in Uganda could easily sell his commodity at any commodity exchange on the continent or in the world quickly from the comfort of his home or even on the road via an enabled mobile phone.


Bitcoin is stabiel, veilig en mobiel. En daarmee ideaal voor de landbouw in Africa.

Read the full story on eWukalima. Do you know Bitcoin? Can you imagine a world without m-Pesa? Share your experiences and expactations below.

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