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De Exposure-4-Development Media Tour in Uganda  © Marc van der Sterren
The Exposure-4-Development Media Tour in Uganda © Marc van der Sterren

Hurry! I go to Tanzania! Together with 15 other agricultural journalists I will be on the Exposure-4-Development Media Tour. A tour organised by Agriterra and the IFAJ.

Journalists from western countries are visiting East Africa for the third time to see another side of the continent. Not the poverty and hunger will be highlighted, but the chances of small farmers in an emerging country.
In 2012 the journey went to Kenya, in 2013 to Uganda and this year, as said, the journalists will visit Tanzania.
As agricultural journalist and nowadays initiator of Farming Africa I will be there for the third time as well. In 2012 I was in the organisation together with Agriterra.


During the second week of November the tour goes to the North of Tanzania, the area of mount Kilimanjaro. Here we will visit farmers. Many farmers. And of course their organisations like a dairy cooperative, the national AI centre and a Dutch seed company that improves seeds for the local market.
We will meet farm journalists colleagues, visit the farmers’ organization, go to a cattle market, meet Maasai and visit their snakebite clinic, go to a cooperative bank, have a bush hike through banana fields, drink banana beer, learn about zero tillage in Africa, meet farm women at their dairy coop, see how coffee is produced, and much more.

Media or other organisations who want their own coverage on the tour, on some branches or industries in Tanzania not named above, can contact

For postings on Tanzania, stay tuned on Farming Africa!

© Marc van der Sterren


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