E4D-tour to Tanzania was a great success

Marakuni Woman Dairy Cooperative giving us a warm welcome - © Jürgen Schmücking
Marakuni Woman Dairy Cooperative giving us a warm welcome – © Jürgen Schmücking

All 18 participants of the E4D-tour are unanimous: The Exposure 4 Development tour to Tanzania was a great success.

The western farm writers had an intensive tour to all kinds of small scaled farmers and their cooperatives. It was a nice and interesting tour with lots of different topics to publish about.
In a week time they visited the Northern part of Tanzania close to Kilimanjaro. There were dairy farmers, vegetable growers and fruit farmers. They saw how farmers grow coffee, rice, bananas, beans, potatoes, vegetables, passion fruit and how they process milk and coffee.

Maasai Cattle Market

They also went to the Livestock Training Agency, the National AI Centre NAIC, Breeding seed company Rijk Zwaan Afrisem, Kilimanjaro Cooperative Bank, the National Network of Small Scale Farmers Groups in Tanzania MVIWATA and Quality Food Products Ltd.
Part of the tour was also a Maasai Cattle Market. The warmest welcome they received from the Marakuni Woman Dairy Cooperative (see picture).
The journalists went home with the impression of Africa, being a continent full of opportunities. Opportunities in farming and food production for a growing population and a growing middle class.
The tour is organised by Agriterra and the IFAJ.

The coming periode, different stories on farming in Tanzania will follow.

© Marc van der Sterren

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