Kenya welcomes agricultural journalists from all over the world

The annual congress of the IFAJ (International Federation of Agricultural Journalists) will come to Kenya in 2025. The country where environmental- and agricultural journalists join one organization.

Kenya. A country with many smallholder farmers.

Bozo Jenje, Board Chairman of the Kenyan organization MESHA (Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture) announced it will host the IFAJ Congress in 2025.

Unlike other national guilds, MESHA, as the name implies, is not only for agricultural journalists but also for media professionals who publish on health, environment and science.
Agriculture and environmental journalists need not be opponents at all. “In Kenya, we work together without controversy,” says Aghan Daniel, Secretary of MESHA.
One of the reasons could be that pollution and land occupation by large, intensive farmers is not a major problem in Kenya. “We hardly have any large-scale farmers,” says Daniel.
Nothing is clear about the program yet. “We just heard the news this weekend,” says Daniel. Initially, Kenya was to be the host country in 2026. Israel withdrew its offer for unknown reasons.
It is the second time that the congress will take place on the African continent after South Africa in 2017.

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