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Small scaled Farmers in Tanzania © Marc van der Sterren | Farming Africa

Cities Need Small Farmers

Wealth is rising and African cities are mounting. Food is crucial for those flourishing cities and agriculture is the major contributor to …

Hidden Hunger - © European Commission DG ECHO

Scholarship for congress Hidden Hunger

The second international congress ‘Hidden Hunger’ takes place in Stuttgart, Germany. Not a place with hidden hunger. People coming from regions which …

Biologische bananenkweker in Uganda Biologisch boeren in Uganda © Marc van der Sterren

Organic is NOT only for the rich

In many places in the world, knowledge of pesticides is scarce, which makes it unhealthy and even dangerous. In those places, also …

Ethiopian plow

Ethiopian plow wins $25.000

If you want to see how farmers ploughed their fields for about 1000 years ago, go to Ethiopia. There you can still …

Get rich in Ethiopia

Three Dutch companies where registered in Ethiopia in 2003. Ten years later we count 89.