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Yinca Adesola from demonstration farm in Nigeria

Farming is also marketing

Farming is not just farming. It’s also marketing. Already when selecting the crop to plant, take the market into consideration, my friend …

Farmers Today, the first and only magazine for farmers in Uganda

African Farmers need ‘Farmers Today’

Dutch agriculture differs much from African agriculture. The costly highly technologized agricultural system may seem too different for many small scaled African …

Small scaled Farmers in Tanzania © Marc van der Sterren | Farming Africa

Cities Need Small Farmers

Wealth is rising and African cities are mounting. Food is crucial for those flourishing cities and agriculture is the major contributor to …

The Fortunes of Africa - Martin Meredith

The looted fortunes of Africa

“I speak of Africa,”  Shakespeare wrote, “and of golden joys.” Martin Meredith quotes William Shakespeare in a book full of fortunes and wealth. But …