Vacancy Manager Gbilugu Ecological Farm

Vacancy All Round Farm Manager Gbilugu Ecological Farm

As a Swiss farmer’s son Franz Zemp left his country in the seventies for Ghana, where he gained experiences in the field of tropical organic farming. Frans founded, north of Tamale, in the small village of Gbiligu, his own ecological farm. Gbilugu Ecological Farm now serves as a model farm and as a farm for training the substainable way of farming.
On his farm he grows several crops including (upland) rice, maize, groundnuts, sorghum, beans and soy beans. Besides that he keeps honey bees.
Franz lives mainly from what his farm produces. He trains local farmers and is involved in numerous projects, focused on local agriculture, food security, water and education. In addition, he is the project leader of the Father Meddens Experimental School Feeding Project, a community project for irrigation in the dry season and and a house construction project for poor widows and orphans.

His goal is to teach the community how to make an independent living from farming. From Gbilugu Ecological Farm he runs many different social programs, amongst them three school feeding programs.
Other projects are research programs on soil fertility, implementing charcoal enriched soils (biochar) and the benefits of crotalaria. Zemp is 61 years and is preparing for his retirement. That’s why he is looking for an:

All Round Farm Manager
In training

This is your chance to run your own farm in an interesting environment. A place in the remote world where you will never be alone. You will, as many people in the community, depend on this farm for the living.
You don’t need to start from the ground, but you can go further on the road that Frans Zemp build with many experiences. He will be there to train you for the coming years.


– Planning farm and field work
– Manage different community projects
– Implementing and monitoring different community projects, farm- and research projects
– Supervising staff
– Ability to provide your own maintenance


–  A social attitude towards the community
– English spoken and written
– Able to handle people
– An interest in ecological farming. An education in this field is recommended
– Ability to work with farm tools and machinery
– Able to deal with different kind of problems
– Basic technical skills / Able to find creative solutions on technical defects, from tractor to electricity and buildings.

We offer:

– Ability to see different opportunities
– A voluntary profession full of interesting challenges
– Room and board

For application please send motivation letter and resume to:
Franz Zemp, Farm Manager,




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