Volunteer, with a view to a paid position

Farming Africa is an NGO being established

Mission Statement

With the empowerment of smallholder family farmers through providing them access to independent information we can end hunger, reach all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Africa can become the world’s breadbasket


The vision of Farming Africa, as summarized in the mission statement above, is based on the essay Smarter Farmers.

In abstract: The focus of all efforts to solve the food problem should be focussed directly on the hungry people and the small-scale family farmers, as those are for the main part the same people. 80 percent of all hungry people depend on some sort of farming. Almost all of them are able to produce much more. Many can multiply their production.


Our focus lies on the empowerment of smallholder family farmers through providing them access to independent information. To achieve those goals we will work on two levels:

  • The campaign Smarter Farmers. With spreading the message as wide as possible, we work on social inclusion in the western world, awareness and another mindset of the broad public and also politicians and policy makers.
  • With concrete projects on grassroots level. With demonstration farms on the one hand and access to independent information on the other hand.

Job Description

Farming Africa will start without a budget. With a small team, we will raise funds for the campaign and projects and eventually a working budget for running the organisation.

Who do we need

First of all: we need enthusiastic people. Expertise and education in the field is a big advantage, most important is that you endorse the vision of Farming Africa and are willing to work on establishing the organisation.

We’re looking for:
Fundraisers who can write project proposals and raise funds
Crowdfunders who can crowdfund
Project managers who can manage projects
Organisers who can arrange events
Drivers who can run an organisation
Social media experts who can spread the message widely
Experts with knowledge of Farming, Africa or independent information
And everyone else who can make a valuable contribution.

For information and inquiries contact:
Marc van der Sterren